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The need to consider your options for practical retirement planning is a consequence of the growing realization that, if you reach age 65, then your probability of reaching age 90 is a mind-blowing 53% for women and 41% for men.

This guide to Practical Retirement Planning is for anyone who has had a comfortable life (either as an employee or self-employed) and who now wants to research the four pillars of a successful retirement - within the context of a common sense approach to the need for post-retirement recession proof jobs.

Actually, no one is really sure anymore what “retirement” actually is, but let’s say for now that it’s those 25+ years after age 65.

Celebrating Retirement Planning

So looking forward into those years after age 65, the four pillars we need to focus on are

  1. your finances (probably the most important, as it gives you options)
  2. your health
  3. family & friends
  4. your zest for living

Incidentially a "profitable hobby" provides both financial and health benefits and if you retire to a college town, the young townsfolk will keep you active far longer. Even traditional hobbies - such as short story contests - will expand your mind and change your world.

And I fully endorse the approach of Professor Robert Reich, of the University of California at Berkeley. He says "most Americans believe that their retirement years with resemble Club Med with on-site health facilities. Snorkeling in the morning and extra oxygen in the afternoon. But no-one can afford it because they haven't saved enough".


I’m sure that you have searched the web for “retirement planning” with the result that you will have been offered introductions to hundreds of “financial planners”.

However the recommendations by financial planners are only for the wealthy, and in any event, they are seriously flawed (e.g. they focus only on your finances, they assume a straight line drawdown - which doesn't allow for major medical or accommodation expenses - and of course those recommendations ignore the devastating impact of inflation). However one good thing about financial planners is that they will always want you to be above the norm of average retirement income, even if you can't find a competent financial planning financial planner.

We have a broad view of retirement planning, and we address various non-financial issues associated with retirement - such as intrepid travel for seniors and retirement abroad (my favorite location would be a village in the south of France).


You can re-invent your life - or undertake a career change - at any age.

Even if you're close to retirement, or already retired, it's not to late to use your career knowledge to become a consultant, to become a small business entrepreneur, or do something else that gives you the stimulation to jump out of bed each morning.


My initial solution to practical retirement planning (I was in my 50s) was to acquire some investment property, and soon I started a property investment portfolio with a few negatively-geared investments.

Property is an excellent asset for your retirement, because the rents you receive continue to rise. So you have a defence against inflation.

Negatively geared investments work best when values are rising, but in times when capital appreciation is slow, the trick is to focus on “buy-to-rent” properties. But more of that later.


Along the way, as a property investment consultant (initially within a group and then in my own practice) I would invariably meet people who - for whatever reason - were unable to commence a portfolio. So I would say to them “as we’re all going to need additional income streams later on, let’s take whatever hobby you have, and convert it into a Profitable Hobby”.

With the advice that I was giving about their home based businesses, I evolved into a (pro bono) small business consultant. And because I like helping people grow their own small businesses, this grew into an income stream for me, and I found it to be a very lucrative profitable hobby.


There are many other ways to make extra money for your retirement, and I can tell you some that stand out. Part-time jobs are an obvious option (provided you can find an employer who likes your skill set) as would be a genuine internet business that you can work from home.

Of course, if you are yet to retire, and are thinking of early retirement (whatever that is these days) you’ll find solid advice here. And of course my views on practical retirement planning include positive advice if you are thinking of a career change as you move into retirement.

However my principal focus here is to help you explore opportunities for an above average retirement income, so that you'll have options for 20-25 years of comfortable retirement.


My thoughts about practical retirement planning cover a variety of topics within the overall theme of Your Health, Your Finances, Family & Friends and Your Zest for Living.

Feel free to consider my thoughts in more detail. I have opinions how to build a genuine online business (such as this one - using Site Build It!), profitable hobbies, employment, investing for retirement, a career change, how to invest the cash from your 401k, my top ten travel destinations, stimulating retirement communities, etc etc.

And of course we welcome your comments into our forums.

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